That trickster deity Bristlebane is always up to something in the land of Norrath, but what trouble could he possibly cause on his own day? EverQuest II is celebrating Bristlebane Day and we have the quest walkthroughs that will get you this limited time series! We tell you where to get the quests and lend you a hand through every step until you finally get your reward.

Bristlebane Day is the only day of the year that you get to ask someone to pull your finger and it's okay! Err, well maybe not THAT particular prank, but I'm sure you all can find some that won't send the more delicate of people running away from you looking for a polite place to break into dry heaves. Humorous little goofs on friends, and harmless little jokes on neighbors, it's all in good fun and Bristlebane couldn't be happier that we all do it in his honor.

These quests are only in game for a short time, so take this guide and get to them now!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016