With the recent sale of the European League of Legends team to Follow eSports, Team Dignitas had to make a decision about the coaching staff for their North American team. Happy with the job that Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal did in coaching the European squad to an LCS berth, the organization has decided to bring him over to be the Head Coach for the NA team.

Brokenshard will be moving into the team house into Los Angeles, and while it seems moving back to North America wasn't his first choice, having the chance to remain with Dignitas was an opportunity he wasn't willing to pass up:

"I have a lot of mixed feelings about returning to NA to coach, however, my time on Dignitas since I was picked up with the European squad back in February has been nothing but great, so I am certain my decision to stay with the organization was the correct one. I'm excited to test my abilities as a head coach in putting together a winning roster and capable support staff, and I know with the freedom and resources that Dignitas provides me, I am certain I will be successful."

Dignitas showed some life during the 2015 LCS Summer Split, making the playoffs before falling 3-0 to Team Impulse. With more time together with imports Gamsu, Helios, and CoreJJ, the team hopes for a stronger finish in 2016. It's been shown that having a strong support staff is absolutely key to professional teams, and the organization feels that adding Brokenshard will be an important step in getting them back to being a top North American team.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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