If you were a fan of Xur's massive loot drops every weekend you may be a little disappointed with this news. Bungie has stated that Xur will no longer be equipped with a large inventory of Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Engrams, now he will only come with either one of two options: an Exotic Engram or an Exotic Weapon/ piece of Armor. Bungie's Tyson Green had this to say about the changes:

In Year One, Xur was a community 'loot drop,' a shared rallying point that everyone could cheer or curse. In Year Two, Xur's offerings have been changed so that he will select either a specific Exotic Weapon or an Exotic Engram for sale every week, this change is due primarily to our desire to give players more direct paths to acquiring the Exotics they want through Quests and gameplay experiences, and to avoid repetition in his inventory.

Some good news out of it though, is that Xur will now also sell an item called the Coin of Threes which increases the chance of an exotic engram dropping for you off of the next boss.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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