While Carbine Studios has remained relatively tight-lipped about what they’ll be revealing at gamescom next week, the project’s Art Director Matt Mocarski recently posted a new developer blog to tease a few more details and offer a sneak peek at a still from the game’s debut trailer that will be unveiled at gamescom.

While the blog maintains its secretive tone about the project, Mocarski does indicate that the game will target adults and is sci-fi/fantasy themed. The blog also offers some insight into some of the inspirations that the artists drew on when creating the world, drawing on comics such as Hellboy and Tank Girl to help balance their view of technology and fantasy.

But perhaps the juiciest bit of the blog is a still from the game’s trailer that will be unveiled at gamescom next week. Check it out the full blog here and the image below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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