Carbine’s MMOG project remains a mystery, but a new blog sheds some light on testing and what the devs hope to accomplish.

Carbine Studios is working hard to get its mysterious MMOG project ready for a reveal at gamescom and PAX Prime, and while we still know very little about the specifics of the project, a new developer blog helps shed a little light on the game's testing method and what the developers hope to accomplish with the project.

According to a new blog from Senior Producer Eric DeMilt, Carbine Studios has established an internal testing lab to gather feedback from players that were not directly involved in the game. Doing so has allowed the devs to observe player reactions to quests, story and puzzles. After each session the devs can get feedback and create new iterations of the game.

During some of the tests, the devs would observe some players struggling with certain content and considered toning it down until they realized that completing a challenge is actually fun to people.

We'd sit in the conference room, agonizing as we watch a player struggle with a particularly hard puzzle, wondering if we'd just made the most frustrating piece of content ever. We'd cheer when they finally solved it, but would still wonder what we should change to make the puzzle easier. Later during the Q&A we discovered the player really enjoyed the difficulty, and felt a real sense of accomplishment when he solved it.

Carbine will be revealing its upcoming project at this year’s gamescom.

Source: Carbine Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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