Want to meet and talk with the Pirates of the Burning Sea development team? Pyrate Con 2009 is one of the best possible venues in the world to do it. Taking place in New Orleans this year, it's a pirate...con. What else do we have to say to you? That is enough awesome in itself.

Rusty, Misha and Danicia are heading off to in New Orleans to show off the game and talk to all sorts of people interested in the Age of Sail and Piracy! YARRR!

Not only will we have a booth set up for the convention, but we’re going to have a couple of banners for the giant Pyrate Parade of thousands down in the French Quarter! If you’re going to be at PyrateCon or are in the area and have a costume, you could be in the parade, too!

Find out more details at the Pirates of the Burning Sea Official Site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016