EVE Online has been selected to join The Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) permanent collection. As part of the announcement, CCP is calling on the EVE community to help build its 5-10 minute presentation for the exhibit.

Showing a game as complex as EVE in a museum filled with other important exhibits, through which 3.5 million people pass every year, comes with its challenges. How can we tell the full story of EVE, and explain its depth and complexity in 2-3 minutes? That is how long the average attendee spends at each exhibit.  Rather than having a PC simply running EVE somewhere in the corner with a keyboard and mouse and risk the untrained audience spending their time angrily trying to open the door in the captain‘s quarters or being serial suicide ganked in Jita, we decided on a more linear presentation. We‘ve decided to take one day of life in New Eden, capture it, distill it and try to present it as best as we can in a 5-10 minute video sequence that would play across two large screens. The video will be a combination of in-game recordings made by us, complex infographics, and most importantly, gameplay videos recorded by you, the inhabitants of New Eden.

CCP has dated Sunday, December 9th, 2012 as the date that players should capture their video for a chance to be featured in the EVE exhibit and be immortalized in the vaults of the MoMA.

So we call on you. Let‘s make Sunday, December 9th the most interesting day in the history of New Eden and capture it to be archived forever in the nuclear-apocalypse-proof vaults of the MoMA. Our infographics will display market activity, NPC kills, player kills, jumps and all those metrics that explain how vibrant and alive our world is. The player captured gameplay videos will give it a human face. Whatever you are doing that night, whether it is running plexes, hauling ore, hunting with a small gang in losec, or fighting in a large fleet engagement, we ask that you record it, both video and sound and chatter, upload it and allow us to celebrate it in a montage of New Eden awesomeness. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to run that massive fleet op you‘ve been planning.

Read the latest dev blog to find out how you can become part of EVE’s immortal history.

Source: CCP Press Release, EVE Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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