Eve Online's volunteer program the Interstellar Services Department (ISD) was compromised last weekend resulting in the theft of some volunteer program related data and information about specific volunteers. CCP Ginger explained the breech today and offered a warning to players about fraudulent emails.

I'm CCP Ginger, Volunteer Manager for EVE Online.

Last weekend external resources related to the Interstellar Services Department (ISD), EVE's volunteer program, were compromised which led to the theft of some volunteer program related data but also information about specific volunteers. As a result, we are being extra careful here, as this first and foremost pertains to the volunteer program and has no effect on our EVE Online operations or any customer data whatsoever.

It is important to highlight for the avoidance of any doubt that this information was stolen from areas operated outside CCP´s infrastructure and is therefore not related to anyone's EVE player account data. Player billing information, personal information, and character/game information all remain completely secure and unaffected, as well as CCP corporate pathways and e-mail, Tranquility, databases, etc.

All players, particularly those who are or have been in the EVE Online volunteer program, should be aware that any e-mails sent from the @eve-crc.net domain are bogus and have been sent from someone pretending to be an official representative of CCP.

We are taking this issue extremely seriously and have launched a full investigation. In the meantime, to be on the safe side, we have shut down all ISD servers and services to protect our volunteers and the integrity of the program and are now working diligently toward strengthening and improving our practices and policies pertaining to the volunteer program to ensure its ongoing success and valuable contribution to the EVE Online experience.




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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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