EVE Online can be a confusing place for new players. There’s a lot to learn before you can safely navigate the deep dark of EVE’s space, but even more so dangerous are the politics, intrigue, and dangers from other players. Luckily, CCP is putting together a program to help new pilots find their way in the EVE universe.

CCP will be holding a series of seminars dubbed the “New Player Training Sessions” that aims to teach rookie pilots what they need to know to start their life (and keep it) in the EVE universe. The training sessions will build on what players can learn in the tutorial missions with each session focusing on a specific topic. Each series of training sessions is expected to take place over a month’s time with the first series focusing on PvP and set to begin on Tuesday, October 15th with the last of the series concluding on Tuesday, November 19th.

If you’re just getting started in EVE Online or are a veteran looking to help out with the training, you may want to read the latest dev blog for all the details and get in on the action. The initial schedule is available below.


Here is the initial schedule of sessions we are planning to run. New players can participate by joining the "New Player Training Sessions" channel in game at the listed times. We will also be advertising the sessions in the rookie corporations and Rookie Help Chat channel during the event times.

Track: Player vs Player Combat

October 15, 17:00 UTC – Modules

October 17, 17:00 UTC – Fitting Your Ship

October 22, 17:00 UTC – Earning ISK

October 24, 17:00 UTC – The Overview and UI

October 29, 17:00 UTC – Piloting Your Ship

October 31, 17:00 UTC – Skills

November 5, 17:00 UTC – Crimewatch (Featuring live demonstrations)

November 7, 17:00 UTC – Combat Basics

November 12, 17:00 UTC – Teamwork

November 16, 17:00 UTC – PVP Fleet

November 18, 17:00 UTC – Progression: What’s Next?

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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