CCP has revealed details on the next expansion for EVE Online at PAX and Massively got the chance to lead game designer Noah Ward about the latest features slated for the next expansion. While the expansion doesn't have a working title as of yet, Massively was able to learn more about the improvements to the Planetary Interaction feature implemented with the launch of the Tyrannis expansion, the new Incursions feature, and much more.

What's surprising is that incursions are largely intended to be a cooperative PvE experience in a notoriously PvP game, although competing corps may butt heads while attempting to be heroic. The incursions will happen all over the galaxy and will be clearly marked on the map. At that point, teams of five to 40 can group up and take the fight to the stars.

But the good times don't stop there. A new trailer titled "Casualty" has been released that shows just how quickly betrayal can happen in EVE Online. In addition to the new trailer, CCP has launched a new sweepstakes with a custom gaming PC and some other useful swag up for grabs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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