CCP have sat down with Eurogamer to discuss their hidden gem, Eve Vaklyrie to talk about all things spaceships and VR. As an individual who was never really keen on Eve Online (the combat bored me to tears, Eve Vaklyrie looks like the perfect solution for me: space based dog fighting combined with virtual reality to actually feel like you're fighting.

Although Eve Vaklyrie originally began as an experiment, it's clear to see that when combined with the new HD Oculus Rift models there's every chance this experience could just turn up an ace in the pack. Although there isn't a huge amount of information gleaned about the game itself, it's nice to read some insight into CCP's thought process:

Part of the pressure on us on being early pioneers on the VR systems is putting our necks out there to a certain extent and saying we believe this is important," says David Reid, CCP's chief marketing officer. "The fact that Sony's entering the business alongside Oculus, it just adds that much more credence and validity that this could be a meaningful thing. But now the pressure is on us to do our job as an early developer on these platforms in the same way the responsibility's on Sony and Oculus to make great hardware and to get it out to the public and do the things that they need to do.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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