There will be chains and whips, but will there be chips and dips?

Champions Online has provided another Ask Cryptic segment in which we find out that we will indeed have the option to add chains and whips to our costumes (and in fact have combat abilities to use them). The rest of the questions are varied and cover stealth options in the game as well as the ever-popular topic of costumes:

[Question] Hi! I just wanted to ask what trend will there be in the superhero costumes, will it be something like classic superhero costumes or will there be an option for wearing more "street like" costumes, like in the latest comic books and comic book movies (maybe just wearing a jumper and some military pants and something to cover your hero's face?) (Endero_O)

[Answer] Absinthe (Lead Character Artist): There are more costume options than I know what to do with! Not only can you dress in the way you mentioned, but you could dress like a banker who stepped right out of 1904 if you so desired.

Also showing that the developers are hip, there will probably (nothing is certain until it ships) be options for fully body tattoos. Read the rest of the grab bag of questions at Champions Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016