Champions Online (CO) developers took center stage for another "Ask Cryptic" this month to field another round of questions from the community. One question many players are looking an answer for is whether or not CO will be getting a player creation content system like the recently launched Foundry for Star Trek Online (STO). While there was no definitive answer given, the devs did say that they are looking into possibly adding the feature and allowing the CO community craft missions that will "blow theirs (STO) out of the stars".

Content was addressed by a few other questions, which revealed that the Nemesis system will be getting an update down the road, and the new Comic series content will continue to release faster than Adventure Packs, but it doesn't appear that they will be replacing them.

We are focused on building content that we can get to you faster than we have before. The Comic series is the same size as an adventure pack but you should see it faster than adventure packs. Along with this we are working on content for the space between comic series. Longer development times should be reserved for larger updates.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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