Matt "Akinos" Danuser, dev for Champions Online, discusses the upcoming changes to the Melee power set in the latest installment of Dev Diary. Overall, there is a great deal of changes coming, making melee characters more fun to play. Energy generation, charge powers, lunges, and other abilities are getting tweaked. Time to start making those hand-to-hand alts!

The STR needed to reach the maximum “Melee Damage Bonus from STR” has been reduced from ~100 to ~70. We didn’t want to make this bonus trivial, but at the same time we wanted allow players more flexibility in achieving maximum melee damage. Finally, melee range was increased to 10 feet (up from 7 feet) across the board. This allows a little more wiggle room when trying to land melee attacks. This will also make it safer to go for those full charge attacks!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016