Champions Online developers have been putting the finishing touches on the Super Powers Pack update over the last month and it's finally ready to deploy to live servers. In this month's "State of the Game", Cryptic announced the launch of the latest update and also offered up a nice long page of patch notes. Some of the big ticket items include an update to melee, supernatural, and weapons powers and a new Mission Journal modification that will allow you to see your team's missions and make sharing and mission assignment much easier.

New content is always a welcome addition for players, but Cryptic has more on the way. June will see the release of The Serpent Lantern, a new Adventure Pack with new story, multiple missions, and even encounters that scale to fit a team's level and size. In any case, there should be a nice infusion of new content for players to enjoy over the next couple of months.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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