Another early adopter bites the dust.

With a promising calendar and what appeared to be good sponsorship and participation, the Championship Gaming Series has gone the way of the so many republican seats in congress (away). The CGS team seemed to be a very committed and passionate group who were trying to give the competitive gaming public what it wanted. Unfortunately the CGS may have been just a shade early to the North American circuit. Even though video gamers are held up as world class athletes in parts of Asia, the Americans just haven't caught on just yet.

Maybe the games are just too different - can you really cross fans between a fighting game, Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft? Maybe the public just wasn't quite ready to embrace the players and the systems to support them. Whatever the real cause, rest assured that there will be some kind of video game league in the future and it will be on broadcast TV and we will all look back and wonder if the CGS could have been that league. I wish the best to all of those who poured the heart and soul into the company and hope to see your next iteration!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016