Positive Changes For Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer

Greetings everyone!

I come this evening with bittersweet news of some personel changes on the site. I was given a promotion today which offers me a wonderful chance to work with not just the awesome and captivating Vanguard Saga of Heroes Community, but all of our Ten Ton Hammer readers across the network. As of writting this, I will now be working on the hub site of the network. This means, that I will no longer be able to remain as the Community Manager for Vanguard. Never fear though...I would never leave you in anything other than the best of hands!

Our long time readers will remember the New Community Manager Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when she was one of our volunteer writers. You know... the cute elf that covered Druids...aha! See, I told you that you would recall! Shayalyn has been diligently growing the DDO and LOTRO sites here on the network since she left us and is looking forward to jumping back into things here again. I know you will all help her get her things moved back in and settled...won't ya?

Finally, I would like to offer a heartfelt and huge Ten Ton Thank you to Assistant Community Manger Niborea for all the input and support she offered to me and our staff. Her prescence has been a shining star on the site and we are sorry to see her move from this position. I hope that we will see much more of her in the near future!

I've adored my time here on the site and I will not be far. So please feel free to email me ([email protected]) or pm me here. I will of course respond and keep in touch with you all.

Warmest Regards,

Kat "Lady Sirse" Spink

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016