While not the normal source for media, the Christian Science Monitor has put up an extensive piece on Internet Addiction in China and one of their treatment programs. Apparently as technology explodes across their highly populus country, more and more cases are being reported. One patient in particular had amassed a respectable 68 husbands in one game which is considered a problem there, but would be cause for a talk show in North America.

Tao emphasizes that "Internet addiction" is a symptom of deeper family and psychological problems. The majority of patients come from broken homes or were emotionally neglected in childhood, he says, which is why he insists on treating young patients together with their parents.

He says more than 20 percent of patients also have psychological problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity or personality disorders, which require more attention.

It's good to see we can bridge the cultural gap by becoming addicted to the same things!

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016