Ever wanted to understand why "Chinese gold farmers" do it?

We all usually are very critical of "Chinese gold farmers", but SiliconValley.com has an in-depth and thought provoking article about how the secondary market industry is organised in Chinam and what motivates many Chinese to be involved in it!

Qi Changliang, 26, said he's built a formidable base of some 800 players who supply virtual assets to his business. He sells the assets on an English-language Web site, using Paypal as a means of collection. Even Qi's parents don't understand his success.

``If you tell an older person you were making millions sitting around playing games, they wouldn't believe you,'' Qi said in his sparsely furnished loft headquarters in Shenyang.

This article makes for a very interesting read! Check it out here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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