When it comes to gaming, you have to admire the eyesight of some of our community. Last week during Star Citizen’s Wingman’s Hangar episode, some fans noticed a PlayStation 4 dev kit in the background on the desk of Chief Technical Officer Jason Spangler. Suffice to say this led to lots of speculation and some unhappy Star Citizen community members that were concerned that the PC space sim might be in for a platform jump and a possible dumbing down of controls and graphics to fit the new platforms.

In an effort to calm some concerns, Star Citizen visionary and Cloud Imperium boss Chris Roberts took to the forums to put fan concerns to rest.

"Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit the input options or supported peripherals to the lowest common denominator. We will NOT pass on features and technology just because they will only run on some hardware configurations."

In what was a rather lengthy post, Roberts confirmed that Star Citizen is first and foremost a PC game, and that it will never be available on the rather dated tech of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And while he both confirmed that and that there are “no current plans” to develop Star Citizen beyond the PC, he’s not entirely opposed to bringing it to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One if certain conditions can be met.

"As far as consoles go Star Citizen will never be on the PS3 or Xbox 360. As for the next gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, we have NO CURRENT PLANS, but my stance remains open and is consistent with the many interviews I’ve given -

IF the platform holders (Sony & Microsoft) allow us to update the code and data without restrictions and odious time consuming QC procedures, IF they allow our community to openly interact with each other across platforms then I would CONSIDER supporting them.

Roberts admits that it’s unlikely to happen, but if it did, any port to the console would be a port of the fully designed for PC game, not the other way around as is so often the case. You can read Robert’s full post on the Star Citizen forums, which I recommend that you do so that you can get his thoughts in full. It’s well worth the read.

Star Citizen is rapidly approaching its $28 million stretch goal, currently sitting at the 77% mark. If (more likely when) that breaks, it will add a new starter ship to the already long list of extra features.

Source: Star Citizen on PC, PS4, and Consoles

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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