Chronicles of Spellborn starts the lore timeline with The Great Collapse.

Starting a first in a series of lore discussions, The Chronicles of Spellborn team is showing off new screenshots, a developer's journal and a timeline of events that culminate in the world of Spellborn we'll see. Starting with:

The Great Collapse (year 0):

The eight High Houses of the humans and their daevi slavedrivers form a last alliance against their Vhelgar masters and destroy their source of power and magic: the Altar of the Undying. Yet, the cost of freedom is high: destroying the Altar also destroys the world itself and throws its various pieces into a swirling sea of untapped magic: the Deadspell Storm.

After viewing the juicy new details and screenshots on The Great Collapse, check out the interview Cody "Micajah" Bye had with Pierre-Yves Deslandes of Spellborn last month where they discuss the combat system among a host of other details:

"The uniqueness of Spellborn resides in several main features, the first one being the manual targeting combat system, where players have to aim at their opponent to damage it thanks to a reticule à la FPS. There are absolutely no random dice rolls in Spellborn. You won’t see any randomly generated critical hits. In addition all attacks can be dodged, evaded, by moving around the target. The combat is 100% real-time, so if a player stands in front of an enemy and hacks at it, it’s almost certain death."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016