The City of Heroes Signature Story Arc has been promising the fall of a hero and it appears that today NCsoft and Paragon Studios have revealed more details about who that will be.

The fifth part of the Signature Story Arc series hails the end of the iconic leader of the Freedom Phalanx – the Statesman.

Since 2004 he has been there.

He guards over Paragon City, ever vigilant, ever watchful. He has always been a beacon of justice and a bastion of hope, the citizens of Paragon knowing that no matter what, he would be there, ready to protect the helpless and to stand against whatever threats may loom on the horizon.

In 2012, Statesman will die.

How will he die? What is the future of Paragon City in a world without Statesman? Uncertainty surrounds these events as you play through this epic story line which will forever change the face of City of Heroes Freedom.

As leader of the Freedom Phalanx, Statesman has represented the potential and pinnacle of what players can achieve in the world’s first super heroic MMORPG. In true comic book fashion, Statesman’s backstory is deeply entrenched in the lore of the game’s various villains and heroes, and his absence will create a power vacuum for players to fill. It is for these reasons that his death signifies a significant shift in the story of City of Heroes Freedom.

Statesman will meet his fate in Signature Story Arc 1: #5, available for free to all VIP subscribers.

Signature Story Arc #5 will be available for free to City of Heroes VIP players in January.

Source: City of Heroes Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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