City of Heroes annual Spring Fling event kicks off today, February 9th and continues on through February 22nd. With event missions, fun rewards, and interesting story lines, this is an event not to be missed!

Spring Fling Event Details

DJ Zero will once again be hosting his Pocket D Jubilee. Just head over to Pocket D, the space between Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™, to experience the following:

Co-op Missions

Ganymede, Emissary of the God Eros, is back, harnessing the primordial force of love, allowing Heroes and Villains to join together and complete a host of missions.

* Tainted Water
This villain story arc will have players fighting Arachnos to find and bring back tainted water from the Well of the Furies. The catch is that to complete these missions, teams must have someone with a "pure heart" on them and thus need a hero character with them.
* Plight of Eros
This hero story arc will have players retrieving an ancient artifact, Aphrodite's girdle for Eros. The girdle's location requires someone with a "twisted soul" to find it, so teams will need a villain character to complete these missions.
* Completing both of these story arcs grants players the Handsome badge (males characters) or Beautiful badge (female characters).
* Zero Trouble
Once players have completed both story arcs, there is one last mission for them. DJ Zero needs players to defend a portal from the troublesome Red Cap, Snaptooth, as many times as possible to convince him not to meddle in inter-dimensional travel. This mission is repeatable and upon completion gives players the choice of one of the following rewards:
o Heart of Light (Heroes)/Heart of Darkness (Villains) badge
o Partygoer badge
o Greek Toga costume piece
o Greek Laurel wreath and sandals costume piece
o Hearts style costume piece
o Random Medium Inspiration

Special Temporary Powers

There are two special temporary powers available during the event.

Upon completion of the two story arcs, players will receive the Nectar temporary power, which can warm the heart of even one's most adamant enemy. This temporary power allows you to throw a vial at a target and they will instantly be Confused (so they fight on your side).

Players can purchase the Dimension Drop temp power from vendors located in Pocket D. This power can be cast on other players to give them a buff. If a Hero casts this on another Hero or a Villain casts on another Villain, the buff is only minor. If a Hero casts on a Villain or a Villain casts on a Hero a better buff takes effect.

Get the official announcement here and get in game to enjoy the even while you can!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016