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The things some devs have to do to keep the people happy.

City of Steam (CoS) has been chugging along this month with new revamped content additions and getting ready for the upcoming Autumnwane beta event. But this week Mechanist Games also reached another goal by topping their City of Steam-o-Meter goal. What this means for CoS players is more content in the future beta tests and the humiliation of some of the dev team for the community’s sadistic enjoyment.

Additionally, CoS was recently added to Steam Greenlight, so the devs have kicked off a new campaign to encourage players to play on Steam once the game goes live by adding some new content and achievements as incentive. If you choose to play on Steam some of the extras that you could see include the following:

•   7 extra Pets, with 2 inspired by Valve!

•   3 new Steambikes, with 1 Valve tribute model!

•   8 new dungeon types.

•   Hats. ALL THE HATS! What we mean is… we’re going to put in a lot more hats.

•   Extra hardcore dungeon challenges, tuned to be worth the challenge orbs!

•   Jetpacks – more of ‘em!

•   Extra character customization options.

The next CoS beta event is scheduled to run from Friday, December 14th through Tuesday, December 18th.

Sources: COS Meter Goal Announcement, Steam Greenlight Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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