Champions Online unveils another great power set for awaiting fans. Interested in the Martial Arts? Heroes who choose to wield the single blade will have amazing powers under their control. This preview offers a sneak peek!

Reaper’s Caress
No Requirements

Melee Cone Slashing Damage

Reaper’s Caress is a rapid series of attacks capable of leaving the enemy with multiple bleeding wounds.

* Single target particle damage
* Deals slashing damage to targets in melee range in front of the owner
* Deals double damage on every third attack in succession
* Generates energy if affected by Momentum

Focus of the Unconquered Swordsman
Requires 1 power from Single Blade or 2 non energy building powers from any framework

Slotted Passive, Damage Buff

While Focused, an Unconquered Swordsman is able to sense the weak spots of their enemies, delivering blows with deadly precision.
Slotted Passive

* Can be slotted in an Offensive or Balanced passive power slot
* Increases damage dealt with Slashing attacks
* Each time you take damage you gain an Opportunity Strike buff, increasing your damage for a short time
* Allows the Dragon’s Bite power to be charged

You can catch the preview of the Martial Arts-Single Blade power set on the Champions Online website!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016