With 5 years of fun and innovative gameplay and updates that wow the fans, City of Heroes has a lot to be celebrating today. NCsoft wants players, former and current, to celebrate with them and to show this they have activated all accounts in good standing for a week! That gives a chance for even former players to check out the very cool Architect feature that was recently added.

Today marks the five-year anniversary of City of Heroes®. To celebrate the anniversary and the recently released Issue 14: Architect, we're kicking off a free Reactivation Weekend!

Between today and Sunday, May 3rd at 8:59 PM Pacific (11:59 PM Eastern), all inactive accounts in good standing have access to City of Heroes and City of Villains®. Just login to start playing!

If you or your friends haven't played in a while, City of Heroes: Architect Edition is available in stores and online via Steam® now! You can get the complete game in one easy-to-install pacakage from your favorite retailer.

Visit our website to catch up on all the latest news about the game, including Issue 14: Architect, our ground-breaking update that introduces user-generated content to City of Heroes. With this new system, City of Heroes ushers in a new era for the MMORPG genre and offers even more customization, allowing you to design your own unique story arcs and missions to share with the entire City of Heroes community!

Visit the Official Message Forums for a wealth of information about Issue 14: Architect and to find out how to access some of the top user-generated missions and story arcs.

New computer? No problem. Download the PC game client or the MAC game client.

See you in the game and have a great "City of" weekend!

To get all the vital information and links to download visit the most recent City of Heroes newsletter and see you in game!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our City of Heroes Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016