There's a new contest up at the official City of Heroes site.

We are thrilled to announce a chance for you to flex your imagination and come up with a gripping storyline for an upcoming issue of the Top Cow City of Heroes comic! Submit a story concept to us and the winner’s idea will be turned into a script by Sean “Manticore” Fish!

Submissions can be made from MONDAY, MAY 8th at 8:00 AM CST until SUNDAY, MAY 14th at 5:00 PM CST.

In 100 WORDS OR LESS, give us an idea for a one-issue comic book story. Your story must directly involve something that has happened or is currently happening in the City of Heroes game. We will automatically disqualify any submission longer than 100 words so be creative and concise.

You'll have to click here to read the rest of the details. If you have any modicum of talent, you should enter this contest. When you win and become a famous comic artist working for places like Marvel and DC, I'll expect free trade paperbacks for getting you motivated.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016