How can you go wrong with zombies? You can't and Nexon America is taking advantage of the popularity of the walking dead by adding them to their online game, Combat Arms. The latest update added a new mode called "Quarantine" that will allow players to compete as soldiers or zombies. Zombies will try to infect other players, while soldiers try to eradicate the infected.

Quarantine Mode is introduced as “Operation: Overdose,” on a new map to Combat Arms. On this map, players are randomly selected at the start of each match to become a zombie. Players chosen for the “infected” team must try to infect anyone that crosses their path. Zombie players will use a melee attack to infect other players. Infect all players and zombies win. Humans have two ways to win – survive the mission timer or destroy all of the infected.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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