Station Launcher Debuts at SOE Gamer Day

Termed "Xfire on steroids" by SOE President John Smedley, Station Launcher is one of the integrative ideas that was presented at Gamer Day as part of SOE's global vision. Touting social networking concepts such as an in-depth profile, cross-game messenging and even instant messaging through popular IM clients, and time-saving prospects like simultaneous patching, Station Launcher is a key part of SOE's global strategy.

"Community building is the main part of SOE's Station Launcher. Now that the company has an extensive library of games, players can use the Launcher as a starting point. Here's a particular example: if you are questing in Vanguard and friends want to see where you are, they can check in the Station Launcher before they even log into the game. Keeping player profiles and community networking inside and outside the game will help friends find each other throughout the

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016