Remember all of those wicked cool features that Jeff and I talked about from our GDC visit? Now you can play around with them. Issue 7 is now on the test server.

Issue 7 is now available for download on the Training Room Test Server!

Free Expansion Issue 7: Destiny Manifest content is already active on the training room at this time and we will be testing the functionality and content of this patcher prior to any Live Server release. This content will not impact any gameplay elements of City of Heroes at this time.

The download will begin after you exit your play session rather than prior to entering the game, and is purely optional, you can cancel at anytime.

So, come help us test all the exciting new features including:

- 2 New High Level Zones
- Over 200 New Missions
- 5 New Power Sets
- New Base Features
- Mayhem Missions
- Patron Powers
- Many new Quality of Life Features
- CoH Art Upgrade

Find out how to get onto the test server here.

Details on what is available in Issue 7 can be found here

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016