L33t speek. Numbers replacing letters so as to... um... to... ok I don't understand it myself. Perhaps there's an underground cult lurking amongst us that will literally lynch their group mates if they don't talk in a way that causes math headaches. By the time I get through one word of "0|\/|6 Y R jo0 +y91n6 |_1|

I am a role player, avidly so, and this is no real secret. I love MMORPG’s and I love the fact that we all have the ability to create an avatar in another world, breath life into that character and for a split second, escape our own reality.

Whether I’m wooing the ladies on my swashbuckler or collecting cats by the dozen on my Ogre Ranger, nothing in this world will rip me from that artificial reality quicker than;

“r u lookn 4 grp”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016