EverQuest 2 has many races, but it's not enough. They've decide to bring in yet another race and this time it will take the form of the fae. Winged beings, fluttering around noisily trying to make their place in the world of Norrath.

The names that will surely come with them are enough to make me cringe.

Coyote, not clairvoyant, predicts what types of fae names will be first to grace the land.

The lame Fairy name.

Tinkerbell will be the first to go - and the most obvious. You’ll see three thousand blonde Fae with names like Tink Erbelle or Tinkkerbelle floating around the acorn city, proudly displaying their player’s lack of ingenuity. With luck, it will only be a day or two before we see “Tink” floating beside a green clad half elf named “Peeder Pants”. (Which, in retrospect of writing this *IS* a cool name, and I just Peedered MY pants in a giggle fit)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016