The guys over at ArtCraft Entertainment set up a unique backer level during their Kickstarter campaign for backers (Emerald-level and higher), and created a place where those supporters could discuss their thoughts about the game. Now, the developers working on Crowfall are pulling some of that micro-community's most-asked questions and answering them via a little virtual sit-down through YouTube.

The Questions

In this week's episode, developers Blair and Todd answer the following questions:

  • Will Crowfall implement something that gives formation? For example, a grid system and when your party forms a certain pattern on it you get a bonus or defense boost?
  • How do you perceive the Guineacean’s burrow ability will work?
  • How will a specialist, like the Ranger, differ from an archetype like the Stalker who also uses a bow?
  • Will it be possible to travel between Eternal Kingdoms without exiting to the menu?
  • Will there be bodies of water, some that can be crossed and some that can’t?
  • Will campaign worlds have modes of fast travel such as mounts, portals and teleporters?
  • What will be the next focus after combat?
  • In the “Monster” video, what is on Billy’s screen when Todd said, “Looks like Batman”?

The Answers

Below is the actual video recording of the sit-down where Blair and Todd answer the above questions.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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