ArtCraft has posted a first look at the Knight's Powers and UI in their upcoming game, Crowfall. The classes are still in heavy development and interation phase right now and stand more so for archetypes, as they're building out their "minimum viable power" kit to make sure each of the classes are fun, unique, and engaging to play. One of the interesting developments about this post is that Crowfall is working on a system to "hold to charge" for the Knight that they're building kinda modularly (my words) so that they can reuse the concept in other classes (personally I'm thinking hold to charge fireballs).

The Knight's left click will be a chain combo attack that restores mana, with the final blow snaring the target. The right click will be shield block, which is an extensive defensive skill that makes the Knight take less damage (from the front), block attacks, makes the Knight resist physics attacks more, and probably a few other things as well. The special powers will range from a pull using a chain (Chain Attack), a shout that they're still working on (Of Noble Blood), Shield Lunge, Spin, and Slam (with slam being the charged power) which are a few different special attacks, and Onslaugt a 5-combo attack.

Looks like their intention with the Knight is to build it out to be a frontline warrior and guard the rear, making it very tougher to get to the more vulnerable allies behind him. With a pull, snare, and body blocking capabilities he should be a force to reckon with on the field and sounds rather fun to play for a tank. I think that's one of the important tasks with a game like Crowfall with a heavy tanky class is to make sure it's as fun as dealing damage and so far they skills they're building out look rather cool, although I'm sure six months from now it'll probably be much different but in the same spirit.

You can read the full write-up on the official site. Crowfall doesn't have a hard timeline for release, but best estimates put the very first alpha at later this year.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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