With only 48 hours to go until Crowfall's Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Artcraft Entertainment have smashed through the $1.4 million barrier and have now announced Minotaur's as a new stretch goal as well as the "Infected" ruleset. Artcraft go on to provide some detail on this new ruleset:

"The Infected ruleset is the multi-faction system that supports the War-of-the-Gods: 12 factions, one for each God, warring for supremacy of a Campaign World. We've really looking forward to having this ruleset and we REALLY hope you guys will support us to make it happen sooner, rather than later!"  

"..AND in addition to that, we're going to take this opportunity to add another Archetype to the mix: the Minotaur! As some of you already know, we're big fans of the Bullmen around here. (And no, not just because of our close proximity to UT Austin.) The Minotaur Myrmidon  was an archetype that we wanted at launch... but for cost reasons, we cut him. At $1.5 million, we're going to change that."

As for the Minotaur, there's no in game screenshots of the brute but the concept art looks fantastic. If you haven't backed Crowfall, now is probably the time do so. We're excited about it at Ten Ton Hammer and we think you should be too. 

Crowfall Kickstarter 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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