I think it's fair to say that most official forums are absolutely awful places. Negative, filled with ridiculous posts that serve no purpose and I'm sure they take up a lot of time and effort to keep them moderated. In an attempt to tackle the fact that the Crowfall forums have already turned pretty toxic, ArtCraft Entertainment will restrict posting priviledges to those who have backed the game.

While we’ve enjoyed having anyone who registered for our future beta tests interacting on our forums, there have also been issues with some non-backers being less than constructive. We’re choosing to keep the posting community limited to those who have pledged to Crowfall until we get to the non-backer beta tests sometime next year. Everyone will still be able to read the public forums whether they are registered or not.

At an entry cost of $5, it's still going to see its fair share of idiots. The key being that it might see less of them. Having to do this is a bit of a shame as when Crowfall and its Kick Starter first launched, the forums were absolutely brilliant. Even so, you should still pop over and take a look: there's a lot of good discussions there.


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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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