Designed as a method of getting Crowfall players excited about what awaits them, the Crowfall War Stories video that has just been released sees two ex-Shadowbane players and its Community Manager talk about their memories of the game. It's actually one of the most interesting videos that has been released for Crowfall because it emphasises just how important emergent gameplay is. I can totally side with Joe and Steve from Airship Syndicate because I very much feel the same way about Neocron. When an MMO gives its players true freedom, similarly to EVE Online, it's hard to make the adjustment back to a themepark. It's possible, but the magic is never quite there. As well as the video there's also new information and concept art on the Female Champion. 

"First up, here’s a first look at the concept art for the female champion. Unlike most of her contemporaries from other game worlds, you immediately get a sense of her towering presence and gargantuan strength, a true warrior. The guarded glare radiating from beneath her helm tells you she's not to be trifled with and could mow you down like grass. We’re really pleased with the way our Art team brought the vision to life." 

Take a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts. Its got to get you excited about Crowfall's potential.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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