Neverwinter fell victim to a few players that decided to take advantage of an exploit to farm Astral Diamonds over the weekend. As a result Cryptic and Perfect World brought down the game servers and initiated a 7-hour rollback of all characters to fix the mess created by the exploit users. To thank the community and apologize for the downtime and rollback, Cryptic today gifted Neverwinter players with a Caterday Survivor’s Pack, a pack containing in-game items such as 2x XP boosters, 5x Teleport Scrolls, a Dwarven Facemask, a Stone of Health, and the Cape of Catastrophe.

The Caterday Survivor’s pack is available to all characters created before characters that were created before 5:00AM PT on Sunday, May 19.

Source: Neverwinter Gift Pack

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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