Daniel Stahl has soul.

In today's Meet the Team segment at Champions Online, we meet Daniel Stahl. In addition to working for Wizards of the Coast for six years, he has also been a part of the Xbox 360 launch team so this guy has had some pretty sweet gigs. Today we find out what Daniel is most excited about for Champions Online:

"I'm most excited about how Champions Online is shaping up for the Xbox 360. I remember many hallway conversations with co-workers at Xbox wondering how would the controller work and would it be fun to play on one? Now that I've see the game in action and played it with the controller, I'm stoked! I can't wait for all the console players out there to experience a new type of gameplay on their big HDTV's."

That noise you hear is my hopes for a wonderful PC game being smashed into a thousand pieces. Let's hope there is a PC guru in their office with the same dreams and passion to make a great PC game. Maybe he will have to grow some facial hair in a strategic location.

Earlier today we had the story about DC Universe's troubles crossing over between the Playstation 3 and the PC platform. Do you think Champions will figure it out first? Even if they do, do you think cross-platform gaming will be successful? Is it similar to saying all motorcycles should ride together only to have Harley and Sportbike riders show and hate each other? I stopped playing Halo and never used the voice systems because of the horrific nature of platform gamers and the strings of expletives (yes it's a gross generalization). I'm no prude, but it gets tiring after about 30 seconds. So PS3 and the Xbox 360 are duking it out again to see who can bring a super hero cross-platform game to the masses first. Who will win, and who will lose? Let's discuss in the forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016