Fans are what make the game and Champions Online developer Cryptic knows this! To say "Thank you" to the fans of CO, Cryptic is offering a special in-game item for members signed up to receive CO news!

Online games are only as good as their communities. For us – developers who dabble in the persistent, massively multiplayer space – that statement is especially true. Our community is the driving force that propels our fictitious universes ever forward. Without the enthusiasm, participation, and righteous coolness of our members, our games would surely dwindle and likely die.

So, we can't help but be enormously appreciative of our community. And what better way to demonstrate appreciation than with a gift?

Register at the official Champions Online website and signup to receive Champions Online news by August 31st and you’ll be treated to an exclusive action figure. This offer of course extends to all current members of the forums who are signed up to receive Champions Online news; their input, passion, and dedication have really helped make Champions into what it is today.

Action figures are what being a superhero is all about, right? Get yours while you can by following this link and signing up!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016