EA Mythic Unveils New Updates

A press release was issued that gives us the details of the latest update for Dark Age of Camelot.

FAIRFAX, VA - May 23, 2007 - EA Mythic today announced the release of patch version 1.89 for the acclaimed MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot. Among the many updates included in the patch are the ability to respecialize characters, user interface upgrades, new in-game audio effects, as well as improvements to the camera system and character control scheme.

Details on Patch 1.89:
Free Starting Stat Respecs: Players will now be able to respecialize their starting attributes at any time. User Interface Improvements: Version 1.89 sees the launch of a new icon system to be shortly followed by a brand new chat window and true type font systems. Music Class Changes: Patch includes improvements to the Bard, Skald and Minstrel classes, including refinements to shouts, buffs and song/chants. Updated Audio Effects: Spell and audio effect updates provide unique sounds for each realm, allowing players to better distinguish friends from foes in combat. Clustering of All Trials of Atlantis Zones: EA Mythic is clustering the Trials of Atlantis zones to bring players together and enhance the sense of community in these areas. Epic encounters will now spawn and drop high value treasure more frequently, and many other encounters are being adapted so they can be completed by a single eight-player group. Camera and Character Movement Improvements: Significant improvements to camera and character movement will now allow players to use keybindings, mouselook and camera settings common to many MMOs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016