Grab Bag

The Camelot Herald has posted a grab bag up today filled with lots of Q & A's.

Q) Do focus levels on staves still work when it's at 70% con?

A) Focus is decreased with any level of con loss to your staff, however, even at 70% condition, it will still provide a significant benefit compared to not having the focus at all. For example, a Wizard casting Greater Conflagration (which is listed as costing 30 power) without a focus staff expends 36 power. With a 50 focus staff at 100% condition, the same Wizard casting the same spell will only use 24 power. With a 50 focus staff at 70% condition, the same wizard casting the same spell will use 27 power. So for the greatest power efficiency, you should always keep your staff repaired, however, if you don’t, you’re still better off than not using a focus staff at all.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016