Hot Fix Notes

The Camelot Herald has been updated with the notes from the latest hot fix.

- The delve on the Lesser, Average, and Greater Mythirian of Siphoning has been changed to reflect their new bonuses.
- The following bounty point items are now useable in shade form: 'Bounty Master's Insight', 'Demyphon's Revelation', 'Bounty Master's Greater Insight', and 'Demyphon's Greater Revelation'.
- The objects found at the various Dragonsworn camps can no longer be picked up.
- The quest, ‘Old Stones and Living Wood’ is intended to be repeatable. The amount of experience awarded per completion was set too high however. This has been lowered.
- The Dragonsworn have had their chance to call for help reduced.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016