The recently released Dark and Light: SoG was flooded with new players. And then they started having the issues. Players weren't able to log on. Oh the horror and the pain of it all! NP Cube has this to say --

THE Pioneers of Ganareth first came on December 12th, quickly followed by Settlers.

The Pioneers took the time to tame their wild dragon and went on exploring, while settlers visited the cities and discovered the surroundings... and the first dangers: fighting creatures that did not seem to appreciate this new invasion. Some of these Settlers took the opportunity to show bravery and protect the attacked vill... and to show a great deal of patience: Indeed, the SoG servers allowed us to quickly welcome a high number of players. However, some bugs made us restrict the access to SoG. This is why many players had a message telling them that the maximum number of connections had been reached.

The whole development team worked on these issues in order to allow the players to explore the land of Ganareth under better conditions.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016