Hunt the Gods has another peek
at Darkfall during their "Darkfall Week." For Peek #18, they've got
some pictures of the Demigods players can hunt down and defeat. If you liked
the Weapons in Final Fantasy VII, you'll like these guys a whole lot!

They are huge, they are almost ridiculously dangerous, and they are
infrequent visitors on the world of Agon. Hunting down and killing a demigod
is one of the ultimate challenges faced by players in Darkfall.

There are six demigods in the game, each of which haunts the peripheries of
one major nation. Demigods are ephemeral presences, whose dwellings lie in unguessed
dimensions, and whose brief visits to Agon are marked by the uncaring slaughter
of all who stand in their way.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016