Darkfall: Unholy Wars February Promotion

Posted Thu, Feb 06, 2014 by Lewis B

I missed this late yesterday night, but there's a huge sale on for Darkfall: Unholy Wars. The discounts for the February period are pretty generous, with anywhere from 45% to 75% off depending on what you buy. You'll have to get a move on with these deals however, as the deadline for new players ends to make use of the price reduction ends on February 13th. 

In our February promotion, there's something for everyone:

Existing Players: New Product: 6 Month Subscription Package 45% off the regular price (49,95 that comes out to approximately 8,3/month).

Past Players: Return to Darkfall Unholy Wars: all inactive accounts, in good standing, are now activated for 1 week through February 13th.

New Players: Get the game for 75% off (9,95) through February 13th. You can get the offers at the Darkfall Unholy Wars Store Enjoy!

To read more about the offers available, head on over the the Darkfall: Unholy Wars website.


Players that logged into Darkfall: Unholly Wars today found an unintended change following the update.

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