SOE began the first phase of the MegaServer conversion process for DC Universe Online PC players in Europe today with the US PC conversion to follow on August 10th and the PS3 conversions later this week. The good news is that this should expand the player population across the four new MegaServers and make it easier to find groups and find other players for raids, Alerts, Legends PvP and other group play.

The bad news is as with anything that combines servers and merges a population of players, there may be a conflict with certain names. Given that multiple players may be using the same name, some may log in following the conversion to find the name of their hero or villain changed. And this could also end up being a problem for some Leagues that have the same name.

The new servers will be arranged in “Phases”, which will allow players to transition between PvE and PvP phases by using the phase shifters in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom. There will always be at least one PvP and one PvE phase of the world, so you’ll be able to enjoy whichever suits your playstyle and even switch to the other when the urge strikes you.

Full details about the MegaServer schedule and function can be found in the latest Producer’s Letter.

Source: DC Universe Online Producer's Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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