If you’re a Legendary subscriber to DC Universe Online, SOE is going to give you some extra benefits for dishing out the cash. Starting April 3rd, DC Universe Online Legendary subscribers for PC and PS3 will begin receiving 500 Station Cash (PC) or 500 Loyalty Points (PS3) each month to use in the in-game store.

As part of the Legendary upgrade, all players will be able to earn in-game Promethium Lockboxes, which have a rare chance to drop from enemies beyond level 10 and contain unique new gear. Legendary players can open these boxes when found, but free and premium players will need to purchase a Promethium Key from the in-game Marketplace.

Additionally, SOE is also adding Replay Badges to the Marketplace, which can be purchased and used to reset instance or raid lockout timers. The Replay Badges are available in the Marketplace, but Legendary subscribers will receive 150 for free each month.

More details are available in the new DC Universe Online Legendary Membership FAQ.

Source: DC Universe Online Membership Benefits Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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