DBM's 6.1.9 release adds in the "notes" feature which allows you to customize special warnings within the game. This is a huge update to the mod because it now allows you to, say, during an interupt phase to note who needs to do the interupt. It provides some interesting features for raiders to customize the warnings and provide visual queues for who needs to do what, plus any special instructions specific raiding groups add for specific phases. For instance, it'll say Interupt! (Player1) Interupt! (Player2). You can even set DBM to make a noise when your name shows up (how cool is that eh).

It's the perfect tool for managing your raids. If my explanation was hard to follow, you can see it in action here:

You can read a full walkthrough here.

DBM has come a long way this expansion and is my preferred raiding tool, both for LFR and the rare chances I can group up with friends and raid in my busy schedule. Here are some of the updates DBM received, beyond notes, which you can read here.

While on the subject of DBM, I wonder why MOBAs don't have mods for non-league play? Wouldn't it be great to have something like DBM for some of the encounters in Heroes of the Storm? Better timers for when quests are going to happen? How about addons that let you know enemy cooldowns? Unfair - possibly, but we can all agree that a large part of the WoW arena is who has the better mod setup. War is won mostly with information and a little bit with steel. What do you think?

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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