Springfest Steeds and Other Stuff On Sale in the LotRO Store

Wise shoppers and late-comers to Lord of the Rings Online can find some cool deals in the LotRO Store. Though the skeleton-painted steed is the current rage during the Harvestmath Festival, those of us who missed out on the gorgeous Blue Roan Steed during Springfest have a second chance to get one now. These notices are delivered to subscribers' email, but there are hidden sales that can be discovered through other channels as well.

Facebook users can also get the scoop on specials and sales by becoming a fan of the LotRO Facebook page. Note the announcement there that the Lone-lands quest pack is marked down to 50 points. There are some players who feel kind of ripped off after having spent hundreds of points on this quest pack only to have it go on sale only days later... but the old maxim "caveat emptor" applies to the LotRO Store as to anywhere else. Let the buyer beware, and keep an eye out for sales.

These sales are on for a limited time only.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016